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In 2005, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences was established, which includes five graduate institutes and three centers, namely: Institute of Marine Laws (1991), Institute of Applied Economics (2001), Institute of Education (2003), Institute of Ocean Culture (2004), Institute of Applied English Language (2005); Center of Teacher Education (1997), Center for General Studies(2005), and Center of Foreign Language(2005).


Under the goals of National Taiwan Ocean University, a university with Marine professional special features, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences takes as its mandate to cultivate professionals with both humanity literacy and technological proficiency by motivating students in exploiting their potentials, assisting them in developing holistic character to meet the challenges in their life and future careers. The goals of this college for future development are:

1. To create a humanity and social study ethos on campus.

2. To foster students holistic and moral character.

3. To educate students with marine profession and global vision.

4. To fulfill ocean interdisciplinary and collaboration research.

Institute and Distinctive Features: 

1. Institute of Marine Laws: To cultivate professionals on international law and marine law and to assist government for developing marine policy, prevailing the marine knowledge and practicing the goal of marine policy.

2. Institute of Applied Economics: To foster professionals on applied economic research and management skils.

3. Institute of Education & Center of Teacher Education: To develop teachers’ marine education research capability and to cultivate teachers with marine education on different levels of schools.

4. Institute of Ocean Culture: To undertake ocean culture research deeply and to cultivate professionals on marine culture.

5. Institute of Applied English Language & Center of Foreign Language: To promote students’ mutliculture senses and foreign language abilities in order to link with global society.

6. Center for General Studies: To develop general academic studies with ocean special features.

Students’ Basic Literacies:

 1.owning ocean’s macroscopic consciousness.

 2.owning ocean’s honest and simple characteristics. 

 3.owning fundamental ocean humanity literacy.

 4.owning the concerning about the whole society as ocean.

Students’ Core Abilities:

1. Cognitions: Having the academic abilities on ocean humanities and social sciences.

2. Expressions: Having the expressing abilities on the ocean cognition and actions.

3. Creations: Having the innovation abilities of ocean humanities and social sciences career.

4. Professions: Having the professional abilities on ocean humanities and social sciences career.

5. Actions: Having the actions to drive force on society concerning.