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The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS), founded in 2005, currently consists of four graduate and two undergraduate programs: Institute of Applied Economics (2001), Institute of Education (2003), Institute of Oceanic Culture (2004), Institute of Applied English (2007), Bachelor Degree Program in Oceanic Cultural Creative Design (2016), and Bachelor Degree Program in Ocean Tourism Management (2014). The CHSS also includes two centers: Center for Teacher Education established in 1997and Center for Teaching and Research in Humanities and Social Sciences in 2015.


The CHSS is committed to National Taiwan Ocean University’s main goals and to developing students’ humanities literacy, technological proficiency, and potentials. Our fundamental philosophy is to help students develop their holistic character to meet the challenges in their life and future careers. Specific goals of the CHSS are:

1. To foster students’ moral character.

2. To create and sustain a campus ethos encouraging humanities and social sciences research.

3. To enhance students’ global vision and understanding of the marine profession.

4. To conduct interdisciplinary research in humanities and social sciences of relevance to the marine sciences.

The Programs:

1. The Institute of Applied Economics provides students with an in-depth understanding of economic issues beyond the undergraduate level. 

2. The Institute of Education highlights marine education, humanism, and life-long learning.

3. The Institute of Oceanic Culture’s research spans various issues of relevance to culture and the ocean.

4. The Institute of Applied English seeks to promote English-language learning as a social inquiry within communities of academic and professional practice.

5. The Bachelor Degree Program in Oceanic Cultural Creative Design helps students explore and develop their strengths and talents for cultural and creative designs.

6. The Bachelor Degree Program in Ocean Tourism Management places equal emphasis on theory and practice, specializing in coastal, water tourism and management.

Essential Literacies:

1. Awareness of a global ocean perspective.

2. Strengths of character including endurance, tolerance, and perseverance.

3. Development of the ocean literacy.

4. Motivation to engage in social practice.

Core Abilities:

1. Professional competence in ocean humanities and social sciences.

2. Ability to acquire and communicate knowledge in ocean humanities and social sciences.

3. Creativity and innovation in ocean humanities and social sciences careers.

4. Internationalization of ocean humanities and social sciences.

5. Action for driving attention to the public and society.



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